about your photographer

hey there, I'm Meagan!

Pronounced "May-gan". I'm a published creative photographer for all areas of life with a decade of experience and a background in digital marketing. My goal as your photographer is not to click a button, get a shot, and get paid. I truly aspire to get the best shot for you. Every time. I'm selective in who I work with so we can make sure we're the best fit and I can accomplish all your photography dreams! My outgoing, creative, and vibrant personality will put you at ease on the other side of the camera.

Beyond the camera, I have a Bachelor's in Communications Studies from Northeastern University. I worked my a** off all through college (and afterwards) to push my limits, learn, and gain valuable skills beyond just photography and digital marketing. Some clients I have worked with include: Lord Hobo Brewery, Converse, Burton, Cisco Adler, Zevia, LuLaRoe, Scotty Lago, and K2 Ski and Snowboard.

When I'm not taking your picture—I finally learned how to ski at the age of 24 and how to downhill mountain bike at 26. Growing and expanding my horizons every day keeps me excited about life, and I’m always up for a new challenge. While I do love lounging at home with my cat, staying active and exploring is incredibly important to me and that drive has helped me get to where I am today. I try to pour that energy and determination into every project I work on, and that effort is apparent in the end results. 

I'm confident I can be the visionary that can take your story and bring it to life!