let's make some art.

my approach

It's more than just your annual holiday card or a picture for your home. It's creating an experience that is true to you, capturing the soul connection and deep love between you and your partner. My goal is to lean into your authenticity and make you feel as confident and seen as possible in front of my lens. It really is an intimate and unique experience for any session, creating a final product that will leave your jaw dropping.

created to create.

my rhythm

I'm a lover of all things photography. Landscape, wildlife, brands, a couples connection, anything. I don't niche well and I don't want to! So the answer to this is simple — having experience in multiple mediums allows me to marry them all to whatever session you book me for. A killer landscape x a couples session has never looked so good.

I'm in love with this—let's book!

"Meagan made me believe in magic! She is truly one of a kind."

— Courtney C.
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