Ahh! So you want to

second shoot more weddings?

This is amazing, and I'm so happy and honored that you're here! It's important for me to not just fill this role with people who want to get paid and get out. It's about surrounding yourself with like-minded people who view this profession as more than just a paycheck! Something that gets them out of bed at 5am to shoot the sunrise, or extend a session free of charge because you know the lighting is getting good and you're totally vibing with your clients.

The perfect fit is someone who has a good attitude + energy about them, goes with the flow, is receptive to taking direction, and is comfortable enough to go off on their own and get photos when needed. BUT, most importantly, is just happy to be there and take it all in as a form of growth and personal development. All in all, this is an opportunity for you to learn and become familiar with shooting weddings but also HAVE FUN!

Sound like you? Hell yeah. Fill out the form below so I can pair you with weddings that best represent what you're looking to do. Be as honest as possible. There is no right or wrong answer. Be YOU!

I can't wait to teach, learn from you, learn with you, and do all the things!! <3 (AKA this is really just an excuse to meet more kickass people in the industry hehe)

Note: An unpaid wedding gig would be more like shadowing me as the mentor, while also helping out with select shots and assistant work. This would be for clients who didn't select a second shooter package. You would take photos mostly for yourself but would not need to supply them to me unless otherwise discussed. Think of it as a trade for your time/help in exchange for my knowledge and guidance.